From Nadia Sirota on Q2: “Lighting, Lighting, Lighting”

Starting Monday, February 21, 2011
Nadia Sirota on Q2

“How do you take your coffee? What’s your favorite time of day? What’s your favorite part of the Chicken? What’s your favorite part of the Tofurky? With whom do you identify in Star Wars?

We are slowly but surely crawling towards Daylight Savings Time; light will vanquish dark once again! Not that that’s not kinda sad for a night-person like myself. Night and day, light and dark, these cycles control our movements and emotions. I gotta admit, though, mere preferences aside, I really like the whole cycle of things: the changeability of seasons and day lengths and skyscapes and temperatures.

Just as this concept has captured the imagination of the planet’s inhabitants for thousands of years, so has it captured the imagination of composers for thousands of years. And, lucky for us, composers for the last few decades as well.

This cycle gets the spotlight this week, as we feature music inspired by light and dark.”