New From Innova: Giancarlo Vulcano “Vetro”


Vetro is a record of New York composer Giancarlo Vulcano’s involvement with performers he met through a Brooklyn new music series, 2003-05. There is a wide-eyed optimism and charm to this post Minimal collection of instrumental vignettes. It was made with an equal directness. Vulcano taught the music to the players by rote, and you can hear the delicate listening and interplay going on; there never was a paper score for the music to get stuck on.

Vulcano describes the period when Vetro was created: “It was a process of giving the musicians little phrases to play as I was discovering them, I was finding ideas, and my friends would play them for as long as they interested us, and then on to the next.” The compositional process having been organic, the composer considers Vetro’s recordings definitive versions of the works. These works represent collaborative projects that clearly define a unique compositional voice during the composer’s first creative surge of work.

Vulcano studied at Sarah Lawrence College and has worked for Howard Shore; you may already have heard his music in a movie theater near you. Now discover this appealing set of miniatures, more aural sandbox than Hollywood, more Alexander Calder than Philip Glass.

Giancarlo Vulcano

Tha album, Innova 688, The CD at Innova $15, the .mp3 at Amazon $8.99