From The Wall Street Journal: News of the Tully Scope Festival

For the Love of Morty is the title of Stuart Isacoff’s article in the Wall Street Journal about the Tully Scope Festival at Lincoln Center.


“Morty” is Morton Feldman

This article is copyright protected, so, just a taste-

“‘t has been a dream of mine for a long time to get things out of the straitjacket of the subscription-series format,’ Ms. [Jane] Moss said. “There is so much activity in New York on a given night, the question in my mind is, ‘What can you do to make an impact?’ White Light took a personal, interior view; Tully Scope is about the remarkable indigenous musical scene in our town. It’s about being a New Yorker—which is why we are opening with a Morton Feldman focus.”


“Mr. Feldman (1926-87) was an original, provocative, surprising, often enchanting and sometimes boring anarchist of a composer (who also worked full time in the New York garment industry). Along with his adventurous colleagues John Cage and Jackson Pollock, he helped change the idea of what was possible in art. Like the writer Samuel Beckett, with whom Mr. Feldman collaborated on an opera with no characters and no plot, each of these men rejected modernism’s trendy formalities, creating individual languages virtually free of traditional grammar. For Mr. Feldman, that meant works that unfurled over extended periods with little contrast or discernible form, like his six-hour String Quartet (II).”

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