From New Amsterdam Records

The band is Build, the Album is Place. The CD drops Marsh 29, 2011.


The band BUILD

Build is:
Matt McBane: violin/compositions
Andrea Lee: cello
Mike Cassedy: piano/keyboard
Ben Campbell: bass
Adam Gold: drums

“Having convinced indie bloggers that ‘the Next Big Thing in indie rock is chamber music!’ (The Deli), and firmly occupied its own territory with ‘malleable music which doesn’t distinguish between classical and rock,'(Los Angeles Times), Build expands this space with Place. A nine-track, hour-long album, Place reflects the sophistication and cohesion of a band that has played together for more than four years (contrasted with less than one year together at their debut). And while McBane’s compositions make use of the band’s standard instrumentation as featured on their first album, this second effort also allows for more flexibility – breaking the quintet down into a trio subset at times, and replacing the drumset with a vibraphone and concert bass drum at others.

The CD at Amazon $10.63. The .mp3 album, no information at this time.