From Innova: “Lee Pui Ming She Comes To Shore”

Lee Pui Ming She Comes To Shore
Innova #796 (Feb 22, 2011)

Lee Pui Ming

Lee Pui Ming
The Bay-Atlantic Symphony

Innova tells us,

“After years of journeying through musical seas and oceans, Lee Pui Ming has found home in open improvisation. The choice of “open” is deliberate so the performer and the listener equally partakes in the thrill of something coming to form, taking shape, finding voice and expression. Every moment is witness to Life’s play. she comes to shore is a sharing of these moments in solo improvisations, and a concerto for improvised piano and orchestra which also showcases Pui Ming’s work as a composer.


Lee Pui Ming has been hailed as ‘the most unique genius to touch a keyboard in Canada since Glenn Gould’ (Harry Currie, Kitcher-Waterloo Record). Mark Miller from The Globe and Mail describes Pui Ming as ‘a performer of uncommon imagination and intensity’. In this album, one hears the artistry of someone who has clear influences from classical music, jazz, and curiosities in sonic exploration. Yet equally clearly, one meets an artist who has transcended genres, creating a language of her own. In the end, even the language is there simply to point – to spaces and experiences that only the listener knows.

From live performances, audience members have expressed thus:
‘(The concert) vibrated as big as the universe that is my body mind. Outrageously beautiful’
‘An inspiring journey for body, spirit and mind’
‘Riveting and mind altering’

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Lee (surname) Pui Ming (given name) received undergraduate and graduate education in piano in the United States. She made Canada her home in 1985 and has since received recognition for her work through The Freddie Stone Award and The K.M.Hunter Artist Award. she comes to shore is her sixth recording. It also marks the premiere recording of the New Jersey-based Bay-Atlantic Symphony.”

The album, CD at Innova $15; .mp3 at Amazon $8.99