From Q2 Live Concerts:”In Translation: Lisa Bielawa and Frances-Marie Uitti”

Q2 Live Concerts is one of the very special but every day assets of Q2. Many concerts in and around New York City are recorded and archived for your listening pleasure at your leisure.

Live from (Le) Poisson Rouge on February 13, 2011

“Words and music have long influenced each other from Palestrina’s sacred motets to Schubert’s lieder to Brecht and Weill’s epic theater works. In this February 13 performance titled In Translation, composer and singer Lisa Bielawa and cellist Frances-Marie Uitti join forces with poet Christian Hawkey in an improvised response to brand new, never before heard text by Hawkey.

Bielawa introduces the concert with Berio’s Sequenza III, a demanding piece for female voice which is largely unpitched and employs an extended musical language including laughing, gasping and sighing.

The feature event of the evening is the collaboration between Uitti, Bielawa and Christian Hawkey. In an intriguing performance format, the two musicians leave the room while Hawkey recites a new work he has written specifically for the show. When the performers return, Hawkey presents them with the poems and a half hour of improvisation begins on words that are now familiar to the audience but are interpreted on a moment’s notice by Uitti and Bielawa.

from left to right: Frances-Marie Uitti and Lisa Bielawa (Peter Gannushkin, Liz Linder)