The New Sounds Archive at WNYC

One of the best things to ever happen for Music in the USA was the 1982 birth on WNYC of John Schaefer’s program New Sounds.


During its long time on the air, New Sounds has brought forward all sorts of music, musicians and composers. While there are sometimes guests in the studio, this program sticks pretty much to the presentation of the music.

So, guess what? If you visit the show page at the WNYC web site, and scroll down, on the right you will see a calendar which can lead you to probably every New Sounds program ever broadcast. This is the current incarnation of the New Sounds Archive, long may it live.

Give yourself a treat. Access the archive, dig around and find what you might enjoy hearing.

You can also hunt stuff up by just doing a search on the WNYC web site. Just search on the name of the composer, musician, genre, group, whatever.