From Cued Up on Q2: “Zoë Keating and Todd Reynolds”

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“This week, Cued Up on Q2 presents a concert of tech-savvy classical intimacy with cellist Zoë Keating and violinist Todd Reynolds, recorded live at (Le) Poisson Rouge. The evening’s festivities were hosted by Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad.

Zoë Keating

Todd Reynolds

Jad Abumrad

Finding a meaningful and satisfying balance between the centuries-old Western classical string tradition and the relatively infantile role that electronics have played in music can be daunting; Keating and Reynolds have spent much of their careers mining this unexplored terrain for creative potential.

Keating, whose self-produced album has topped iTunes classical charts four times now, weaves her years of cello playing experience with live electronic sampling and looping. Todd Reynolds was perhaps first known to New York music circles as a member of Bang on a Can and Steve Reich and Musicians, but he has carved out a singular m.o. that fearlessly unites amplified violin with electronics.

Keating performs her own music and Reynolds, his own compositions along with the work of Bill Ryan and Michael Lowenstern in two illustrious solo sets and one culminating duo experience, all captured live at (Le) Poisson Rouge on March 6, 2011.

The concert can be streamed right from the web page.