From Q2 Music: “Attention All New Music Lovers!”

Send us your favorite under 40 composers

NPR Music and Q2 want your help in programming a special eight-hour music stream featuring composers under 40. Send us the names of your favorite composers, and, if you have specific albums or pieces in mind, let us know by including them in the comments section below. We will tally the results over the next two weeks and program this entirely crowd-sourced stream.

Here are some definitions to help you choose.

* Special = something temporal, fleeting, but with large impact and coherent design.
* Music = to paraphrase the Late, Great Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Potter Stewart: “I know it when I hear it.”
* Stream = a way to deliver on-demand music to fans worldwide via the Internet.
* Composer = a self-designated (or applied by consensus) term that denotes those who create music, whether notated, improvised, solo, ensemble, instrumental, vocal, however you like it!
* Under = that which is not over.
* 40 = a totally arbitrary, but round, numerical delineation consisting of 40 units, or in this case, years.

To get you started, here’s a list of a few notable composers under 40: Timothy Andres, Sufjan Stevens, Missy Mazzoli, Tyondai Braxton and Shara Worden.

The special stream will launch Monday, April 18 on NPR Music and Q2, so leave us your suggestions in the comments section below while you still can!

Send @Q2Music your suggestions over Twitter with #under40 “