From The New York Times: AMBROSE AKINMUSIRE – For a Team Player, the Solo Moments Are Secondary

April 1, 2011


“There’s a vaunted place in post-bop for preternatural trumpet virtuosos: your Clifford Browns and Lee Morgans, your Freddie Hubbards and Wynton Marsalises. And by a certain light Mr. Akinmusire (pronounced ah-kin-MOO-sir-ee) fits the bill. His sound is exacting, with a cutting attack offset by a smoky tone. As an improviser he strives for the unexpected, hurtling through precarious intervals. His impressive new Blue Note debut — “When the Heart Emerges Glistening,” produced by Mr. Akinmusire and the pianist Jason Moran and due out Tuesday — is chock full of trumpet heroics, from the slashing jabs of Far But Few Between to the mournful susurrations of Regret (No More).

But Mr. Akinmusire, who tends to reject the very notion of trumpet heroics, would prefer that you get to know him for the collective achievement of his band.”

Copyright protected, so just a riff. But it is a great article, check it out.