From Q2 Live Concerts: “Hallucinations: Metropolis Ensemble “

Score to Gity Razaz’s The Metamorphosis of Narcissus (Metropolis Ensemble/Sabrina Asch)

Hallucinations, Metropolis Ensemble’s recent production at (Le) Poisson Rouge, was a mind-bending juxtaposition of acoustic, orchestral instruments with electronics. This pair of concerts on January 27 and 28 featured four world premieres and one New York premiere by John Corigliano, Du Yun, Gity Razaz, Ricardo Romaneiro and Enrico Chapela.

Composers have often drawn inspiration from the written word and in this particular concert Razaz explores the myth of Narcissus. Yun bases her work on the Aztec goddess Cihuacoatl and Chapela’s piece is centered on the poem LiPo by the Mexican poet, José Juan Tablada. The title piece of the concert, Hallucinations, is Ricardo Romaneiro’s re-imagined version of John Corigliano’s film score, Altered States and Romaneiro’s original work, Strata, is featured on its own.”

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