This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 943 TSUNAMI

About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us:

“A dramatic reminder of the fragility of our human infrastructure shook, rattled and rolled over Japan last month.

First, one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, followed by a classic tsunami that inundated the northern coast of Japan and obliterated everything in its path. And as if one of the largest natural disasters in history wasn’t enough, the tsunami overwhelmed the defenses of a coastal nuclear power plant, and set off the second worst nuclear disaster in history.

The Japanese people responded to this triple blow with admirable order and cooperation. No looting, no rioting — just a collective effort to save lives, recover the dead, and restore a semblance of order to a cruelly devastated region.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space…we focus on Japan in its time of trials. We feature the unique Japanese sensibility for space, rhythm and harmony. Music is by KITARO, SYNERGY, TOMOKO SUNAZAKI, HONOKA, TADAMITSU SAITO, JUTA TAKAHASHI, and F.A.B.

Stephen Hill

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