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From All About Jazz: “2nd Annual NYC Undead JazzFest”

This preliminary, more to come.

4 days, 11 venues across 2 boroughs, 50+ groups!

“June 23rd though 26th 2011 BOOM Collective and Search & Restore bring back the Undead Jazzfest expanded to 4-days, in 11 venues across 2 boroughs and featuring 50+ groups.


Undead Jazzfest 2011 is coming! Founded in June 2010 the Undead Jazzfest is new kind of festival, bringing together an incredible array of artists from the new jazz and improvised music community currently exploding in New York City. With no headliners, affordable tickets, unorthodox venues and no drink minimums, the Undead Jazzfest aims to shake the public perception of what jazz can be today, celebrating the incredible music being made in a setting that is inviting to both the veterans and curious new fans.”

See the full article here. More to come.


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