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From the Wall Street Journal: “The Bad Plus with Joshua Redman”

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There is no writer’s credit.

“Most contemporary jazz groups merely preach to the choir, but the Bad Plus is that rare band that’s managed to get through to the world beyond the jazz audience. Its ingenious tactic is to play acoustic jazz with the rhythmic sensibilities a Rush fan might appreciate, and early on the trio made a specialty of jazz interpretations of recent anthems. Adding tenor saxophonist Joshua Redman to the fray might seem counterproductive in terms of that goal—after all, he strengthens the group’s ties to music that jazz fans like. Yet even the grungiest rocker couldn’t deny that the combination is remarkable. It may be the jazz snob in me, but as much as I’ve enjoyed the Bad Plus up to now, this is the first time that I find myself describing its music as beautiful.”

Josh Redman

The Bad Plus
Ethan Iverson, piano
Reid Anderson, bass
Dave King, drums

The Blue Note
131 W. Third St., (212) 475-8592
Through Sunday


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