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“The story of English singer/songwriter MARK HOLLIS is an inspiration to serious musicians and listeners everywhere — a lesson in ‘following the muse’ to a place of true creativity.

Mark Hollis

Born in London in 1955, Hollis came of age in the 1970s and embarked on the mythic road to fame and fortune by starting a rock band. After a few false starts it worked, and the group TALK TALK began a short, brilliant pop music career that included several gold records in England and Europe in the 1980s.

But Mark Hollis’ artistic yearnings drew him off the beaten track and into a subtle, moving and deeply contemplative space — influenced by jazz, blues, ambient and chamber music, yet sounding unlike anyone else, before or since.

The two final TALK TALK albums, SPIRIT OF EDEN from 1988 and LAUGHING STOCK from 1991, plus a 1998 solo album titled simply MARK HOLLIS, are all quiet masterpieces and timeless works of art, graced by profoundly poetic lyrics and vocals from powerfully emotional…to evanescent.

INSIDE LOOKING OUT…a Mark Hollis retrospective…on this edition of Hearts of Space.

Stephen Hill

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