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From the New York Times: “New Jazz That Keeps an Ear Trained on the Past”

This is copyright protected, so just a riff to entice you.

Published: May 6, 2011

“By the late 1990s, jazz outside the straight-ahead mainstream was looking around itself and worrying… it went in search of its parents and looked backward and Eastward: to Ornette Coleman, Lennie Tristano, Jimmy Giuffre, early fusion and progressive rock, the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Balkan and cantorial music. A whole field of bands gravitated toward intense polyphony, liturgical melodies and the clank: drummers playing roughed-up rhythm, rushing time and forestalling your pleasure, vexing you on purpose.

The new jazz has since moved on. It’s less jagged and self-consciously transgressive, more studied and self-possessed…two new bands, Endangered Blood and Starlicker, radiate the late ’90s.

Endangered Blood
Jim Black drums
Chris Speed tenor & clarinet
Oscar Noriega alto sax and bass clarinet
Trevor Dunn bass

Rob Mazurek trumpet
Jason Adasiewicz vibraphone
John Herndon drums

See the full article here.


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