From Hammered!@ Q2: “The Key Composers of MATA “

“Tis the season for young composers, brand spanking new music and killer performances courtesy of the 2011 MATA Festival. Tune into Hammered! this week for piano works by composers currently and previously featured by the MATA festival with performances from MATA’s deep roster of musicians.”


is currently a daily feature of Q2

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Missy Mazzoli Orizzonte
Julian Day Bad Blood
Sam Adams Piano Step

Rounding out the hour are two short piano works by MATA founders Philip Glass and Eleanor Sandresky, and a performance of Avner Dorman’s Piano Concerto by one of this year’s featured ensembles, the Metropolis Ensemble.

We’re laying it on thick this week, so tune in Tuesday through Friday for more MATA-inspired works by Florent Ghys, Eve Beglarian, Derek Bermel and Annie Gosfield, and well as some unexpected guests from MATA past, including Brian Ferneyhough (Lemma-Icon-Epigram), Erik Satie (Three Gymnopedies) and Duke Ellington (among other tunes, the Black And Tan Fantasy).

Hammered! is currently hosted by Conor Hanick.

Conor Hanick