From the Washington Post: “Mazzoli comes to Washington”

Missy Mazzoli has a different take on classical music — and people are listening


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“Ask composer Missy Mazzoli about the state of contemporary classical music, and you’ll get an earful. The academia-centered world of composing is “grumpy and dogmatic,” she says, an isolated, inward-looking place where composers need to write in an abstruse style if they want to be respected by their peers.

No matter that the thorny music of the last half-century has kept audiences away in droves; composers who try to reach a wider audience risk being “looked down on as stupid and uneducated,” she says, or they leave classical music entirely.

“The word ‘accessible’ can really ruffle feathers within the new music community,” Mazzoli says with more than a trace of exasperation. “But I don’t think that ‘accessible’ equals oversimplifying, or dumbing things down, or playing to the lowest common denominator. The goal of my music has always been to communicate with an audience. That sounds obvious to 99 percent of the world, but it really is blasphemy to say that within academia!”

Ms Mazzolli’s latest recording is with her group Victoire.


Cathedral City New Amsterdam (2010)

Missy Mazzoli keyboards
Olivia De Prato violin
Eileen Mack clarinet
Lorna Krier keyboards
Eleonore Oppenheim bass

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