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From Cued Up on Q2: “Bang the Drum Quickly”

Juilliard’s Axiom Ensemble plays Steve Reich’s Drumming

(Andrew Guan/flickr)

“Uptown and downtown, New York is at no loss for Steve Reich concerts this year (which is also the composer’s diamond jubilee), whether it’s in a sold-out Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall or a packed Greenwich Village nightclub like (Le) Poisson Rouge. After stunning us in March with Triple Quartet and Music for 18 Musicians at Alice Tully Hall, Juilliard’s 20th-century music ensemble AXIOM returns to Cued Up this Sunday for Reich’s seminal work Drumming.

Taken from a May 8, 2011 performance, AXIOM ferociously dives into this Reich masterwork, one that sounds as fresh and vibrant today as it it did when it hit the scene 40 (!) years ago.”

See the full article here.


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