From Hammered! at Q2: Keys To Our Future

Keith Jarrett

Keys To The Future 2011 Festival Pre-Game and Fund Drive Celebration!

“This coming Wednesday marks the final day of Q2’s first-ever fund drive! It’s also the midpoint of the 2011 Keys To The Future Festival, which will be presented in a future Q2 Webcast. It’s because of your support that concerts like this (and many others) are available on Q2, which is why we’re celebrating The Future all week on Hammered!.

We told you back in January that this troupe of piano jocks puts on a good show, and from the looks of it, this week’s three-day Keys To The Future festival is not to be missed.

Pianist/composer/curator Joseph Rubinstein has cast an all-star group of pianists in performances of a huge variety of repertoire, including one US and one world premiere. True to form, the festival spotlights recently composed repertoire, with Phrygian Gates (1979) by John Adams claiming date-of-compositional seniority to a fascinating body of works written mostly in the last ten to fifteen years.

To pre-game, tune into Hammered! Monday and Tuesday at 11 am/pm for highlights from last year’s festival, including works by Don Byron, Marc Mellits, Annie Gosfield, Chick Corea, Magnus Lindberg, Gyorgy Ligeti, *deep breath* Philippe Bodin, Joseph Rubenstein, Vuk Kulenovic, Philippe Hersant, Judd Greenstein, Barbara White and Nikolai Kapustin. Whew. The rest of the week is comprised of works and composers featured on this year’s festival.

Just as this exceptional group of musicians has its collective eye on the future, this week so does Q2. If you appreciate hearing live concerts and value access to cutting-edge, brilliantly performed contemporary music 24/7/365, celebrate it with a few clicks and a monotary new-music fist pound.

Thanks for sharing in our optimistic view of Q2’s future!

Hammered! is hosted by the keyboard specialist Conor Hanick.