This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 946 TIMESCAPES


About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us:

“The phenomenon of time is an enduring mystery. Our greatest philosophers and physicists speculate about it. Some say time is as linear as the atomic clock; others say time is a subjective illusion, an artifact of the spinning of our bio-systems.

Like fish in water, we live immersed in time. Along with death, taxes, and change — time is one of life’s inevitables. Time rules us. As mortal creatures, we can’t avoid it, so we seek ways to outwit it.

From cosmetic surgery and life extension by cryogenics, to ecstatic experiences fueled by extreme states and recreational drugs, we seek the timeless: the place where time stands still — or at least slows down enough for us to enjoy it.

One of the best (and certainly the least dangerous) ways of getting closer to the timeless is ambient music. With its long cycles, repetition, and slow-breathing modulations, it invites us into timeless space, destination free.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space….another hour of timeless, deep-drifting ambient atmospheres, on a program called TIMESCAPES.

Stephen Hill

From the program:


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