From The New Canon at Q2: “Canal Plus Monday, May 30, 2011”

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“As the Tribeca New Music Festival turns ten and sets its sights (and sites) on three venues above and below Canal Street, we catch up with two of the festival’s busy artists: Pianist Kathleen Supové and composer Tristan Perich. Chat with us in the window below or via Twitter with the hashtag #q2new.

Kathleen Supové (L) (Miriam Hendel) and Tristan Perich (R), (D. Yee)


10th Season. Six New Concerts. Three Great Venues.
Merkin Concert Hall, Galapagos Art Space, and The Cell


Every time I see Tristan or Kathleen on a program, I get ridiculously excited—either or both of their names guarantee a snazzy evening. He rocked our ears and collective technophilia last summer when he released his 1-Bit Symphony, an electronic composition housed on a single microchip and within a CD jewel case that becomes part of the performance when turned on. She continually gives explosive recitals and champions new composers all around town with her signature red-hot touch (and bob).

We’re currently in the thick of this year’s TNMF and are programming from the trenches, as it were. We’ll hear works by Supové (including one familiar tune to our regular Q2 listeners, taken from her most recent album, The Exploding Piano) and Perich (whose latest work, Interference Logic, was premiered by Dither at the Festival on May 26). We’ll also check in with the lusciously exquisite ensemble Redhooker and violinist Jennifer Choi, who also have some coveted spots on this year’s festival lineup”

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Olivia Giovetti
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