From Cued Up on Q2: “Altered States”

The Metropolis Ensemble‘s foray into acoustic and electonic synthesis
Sunday, May 29, 2011


“In Ricardo Romaneiro’s reimagining of John Corigliano’s Grammy-winning soundtrack for Altered States, acoustic and electronics aren’t quite flirting with each other; they’re having a genetically mutated love-child. Listen to the Metropolis Ensemble perform this altered film score and other concert works which synthesize acoustic and electronic sound. This Sunday at 2 p.m.

Highly venerated as a film and celebrated for its orchestral soundtrack, the sci-fi mind-bender, Altered States, has reached almost every corner of pop culture; references, spoofs and samples of the movie can be found in everything from Terminator and Saturday Night Live, to the music of DJ Shadow, and various metal and grindcore bands. Corigliano’s soundtrack has now come full circle, through Romaneiro’s arrangement of the film music, enhancing some the score’s orchestral gestures with an array of psychoactive electronics.

Recorded at a (Le) Poisson Rouge concert this last winter, also enjoy an electronics-studded program of compositions by Romaneiro, Gity Razaz, Du Yun and Enrico Chapela.”

Hosted by Conor Hanick


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