From the New York Times: Innova at the Stone

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Violinists, Plugged in, Bow, Pluck and Twang

Published: May 27, 2011

“For the final two weeks of May the programming at the Stone has been in the hands of Philip Blackburn, the director of the enterprising, polyglot record label Innova. Mr. Blackburn’s idea was to present 24 one-hour concerts by musicians who record for Innova, and on Wednesday evening he offered, as hours 13 and 14, what he called “the fiddler’s hoedown from hell”: back-to-back recitals by Ana Milosavljevic and Todd Reynolds, violinists for whom amplification and sound processing are integral to music-making. ”

Ana Milosavljevic

Todd Reynolds

The Innova showcase continues through Tuesday at the Stone, East Second Street at Avenue C, East Village

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Please visit the Innova web site and explore this incredible production company.

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