From Hammered! at Q2: “Ask And Ye Shall Receive “

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“You might think that your thoughtful criticisms and carefully considered suggests are simply lost in cyber ether upon clicking submit, but we actually heed and thrive on your comments. So, this week on Hammered!, you asked for it! We’ll revisit chamber music from April’s Trout Week, only this time you’re the programmers!

Let me tell you, these were some good programatic suggestions (thanks Gary, Susan, HXY and the rest of you!).

We’ll insert nine of these requested works into a mix that already includes multi-piano pieces by Timothy Andres, Olivier Messiaen, Kevin Volans and others. Most of these nine works have never been heard on Q2, and I might surmise that a few of them are perhaps new to many (what’s up Matthias Spahlinger’s seven piano smorgasbord Farben der Fruhe?).

Just so you don’t miss anything, here’s the schedule:

Monday: Juilius Eastman, Gay Guerrilla; and Morton Feldman, Five Pianos
Tuesday: excerpts from Jeroen van Veen’s Minimal Piano Collection
Wednesday: Steve Reich, Six Pianos; Morton Feldman, Piece for Four Pianos; Pierre Boulez, Structures, deuxieme livre
Thursday: Kyle Gann, Long Night
Friday: Peter Dickinson, Five Forgeries; Matthias Spahlinger, Farben der Fruhe fur sieben klavier

Each of those incredible pieces was programmed by you. Keep those comments coming! ”

Hammered! is hosted by Conor Hanick