From The New Canon at Q2: “Kahane and Andres Rock Out “

Gabriel Kahane (Jen Snow)

Timothy Andres

The New Canon is the latest focus program at Q2

Monday, June 06, 2011: Inhabiting a space somewhere between classical and pop.

“This week we load The New Canon full of rock and classical powder with guest chatters Gabriel Kahane and Timothy Andres. Chat with us in the window below or via Twitter with the hashtag #q2new. And if you wanna go the extra mile, leave your questions for them in the comments below.

Most famous for his Craigslistlieder, Gabriel Kahane once again takes up residency at the indie rock haven Rockwood Music Hall this month. Meanwhile, his shy-and-mighty colleague Timothy Andres has a dance card full of appearances in floating concert halls and chic performance art spaces. But it’s not just the venues that suggest classical music (if we can still even call it “classical”) is not exclusive to red velvet seats and symphonic orchestras, it’s also the music that Kahane and Andres both compose and perform. Where does the line between classical and pop sit? And, echoing a question often asked by New Canon chatters, what exactly do we call the music being made now? We go into the fray with this dynamic duo for some answers.

Meanwhile, we’ve got some music from Kahane and Andres, plus indie-rock and folk darlings Sufjan Stevens and Chris Thile. In a private recording from this winter’s Ecstatic Music Festival, we’ll hear Kahane perform a handful of his 21st-century lieder gems. Also on the menu is one of Andres’s finest—and best-titled—works, It Takes a Long Time to Become a Good Composer.”

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