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Olivia Giovetti At Nadia Sirota on Q2 – “Transposing Temperature: Hot and Cold “

Olivia Giovetti

Olivia Giovetti is the host of The New Canon on Q2
Nadia Sirota On Q2 streams 12:00-4:00 noon and midnight each week Monday through Friday

Nadia Sirota

Monday, June 06, 2011

Olivia asks-
“Can we finally put away our winter coats and sweaters? In the last week or so, it certainly seems that way. We’ve been sweating and schvitzing [Olivia? Schvitzing? Is that an Italian word?] and baking in this heat—though every now and then I still find myself reaching for a jacket. This season in New York has featured some highly schizophrenic weather (thanks, global warming!)…
This week, I won’t subject you to that chestnut… But what we DO have is an equally frenzied mix of works that reference hot and cold, fire and ice, summer and winter—and almost all of them do so in their titles. We’ll hear from the sultan of snow, John Luther Adams, interspersed by works that turn up the Fahrenheit-like Tan Dun’s Fire Ritual. And because, meteorologically speaking, anything can happen on our eastern seaboard, we’ll also spin a few pieces that swing both ways—like the Kronos Quartet’s recent icy-hot recording of Kimmo Pohjonen and Samuli Kosminen’s Uniko.”


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