From NPR/music: First Listen: Erik Friedlander, ‘Bonebridge’

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Erik Friedlander

Erik Friedlander is resolutely a cellist. His Pettiford-inspired 2008 recording, Broken Arm Trio, rests firmly in the subset of jazz cello music. Friedlander’s newest recording, Bonebridge, congeals that trio (bassist Trevor Dunn, drummer Mike Sarin) with another jazz outlier: Tennessean Doug Wamble and his resonating slide guitar.

‘ It hit me like a ton of bricks,’ Friedlander says. ‘ I was really writing another book of music for the Broken Arm Trio. The music, however, was pushing me in another direction, and I was working against myself. I needed to uncork it. I thought slide guitar. It’s got the legato, soulful vibe, and it’s similar to the cello, but it’s completely different. So I wanted to play with that tension and see what happens when you put us together.’

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