From The Wall Street Journal: “A Minimalist Heir With Maximum Chops”

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Gyan Riley

“At a time when a lot of established artists complain they are being pushed out of New York, the rising classical guitarist Gyan Riley was only too eager to stake out his turf in the city. As a life-long resident of northern California, the musician had a thriving career, but felt he was missing something…’ Things happen quickly here and I’m not an incredibly patient person,’ said Mr. Riley, who shared his affection for the city over microbrew beer on a recent afternoon. ‘ New York is chock full of incredible musicians and I want to get out and make music with as many as I can.’

Mr. Riley comes by his enthusiasm practically by birth. His father is the composer Terry Riley, whose 1964 In C is a landmark in American music and a cornerstone of the minimalist movement.

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