From NPR/music and WBGO: “Mark Turner Quartet: Live At The Village Vanguard”

The kids these days: They want to sound like Mark Turner. Well, at least the saxophone students do, and sure, certainly not all of them. But he’s still probably the most influential tenor man of his generation. Why is that?


Perhaps you haven’t heard of Turner, if you don’t follow modern jazz closely. He hasn’t put out any records as a clear leader for about 10 years now; he has no website. But he has an innovative sonic signature, a certain floating chromaticism, rhythmic mindfulness and lightness of tone, filled with subtleties. Basically, his music has personality, which keeps the best musicians ringing his phone, and the aspiring ones listening hard.

Watch Live On Tuesday, June 21 At 9 p.m. ET


Mark Turner, tenor saxophone
David Virelles, piano
Ben Street, bass
Paul Motian (!), drums

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