From Q2 Live Concerts: “Three-City Dash: Ethel and Alarm Will Sound “


Listen at this page for the concert Live from (Le) Poisson Rouge on April 11, 2011

“Meet the Composer (MTC) has long been noted for supporting composers not just in New York but all over the world. In an effort to highlight its national presence, MTC launched Three-City Dash, a festival showcasing composers who call Boston, San Francisco and Chicago their respective homes. This performance at (Le) Poisson Rouge on April 11 features New York-based ensembles Ethel and Alarm Will Sound, performing brand new works by San Francisco-based composers Dohee Lee and Ken Ueno.

Since MTC acts as a “middleman” of sorts between composers, ensembles and audiences, it’s only natural that they have recently created Meet the Composer Studio, an online opportunity for audiences to get to know commissioned composers and steal a sneak peek into the creative process. Specific to this San Francisco-centric performance are Dohee Lee and Ken Ueno’s own studio pages, complete with video and blog posts, photos of the score, biographies and audio/visual links.

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