LISA BIELAWA at the Opinionator in the New York Times: “In Berlin, Moved by Music, Place and Memory”

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In Berlin, Moved by Music, Place and Memory


Lisa Bielawa
June 15, 2011

“…My desire with Tempelhof Broadcast is to create a large-scale musical composition that can invite as many personal experiences of urbanity, memory, community or hope as possible. A musical experience in a place that is resonant with meaning, for so many people, can give structure to time spent in that space, inviting attendees to ritualize their own specific personal connections to it. Musical experiences that heighten a sense of a place can actually break through to that region of perception that transcends individual identity.”

If you keep your computer or smart phone “tuned” to Q2, the 24/7 New Music web stream, you will surely have the opportunity to experience this new music.

Read Lisa’s full excellent article here.