This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 949 BLUE SKY BLUE


About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us:

In the brief, happy interlude between the tempests of spring and the hurricanes of late summer, we pass through an ideal moment in the cycle of the seasons.

It comes in gentle word-pairs: Clear and Sunny, Warm and Breezy, Fair and Mild, Blue skies and White clouds. Even the pollen seems to abate for a bit, and we’re granted a period of naturally-fuelled optimism in our storm-tossed world.

It’s a time for classic electronic music for flying and floating in translucent blue atmospheres. On this transmission of Hearts of Space, an hour of spacemusic for early summer, on a program called BLUE SKY BLUE. Music is by ERIK WOLLO, STEVE ROACH, RUDY ADRIAN, SENSITIVE CHAOS, DIATONIS, and JONN SERRIE.

Stephen Hill

From The program:

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