From Cued Up at Q2: “Don’t Mess Up. Listen to This”

Chiara Quartet, NOW Ensemble and Matmos‘s performance at (Le) Poisson Rouge.

Chiara Quartet

NOW Ensemble


Cued Up On Q2 streams Sundays at 2PM on Q2; encores Tuesdays at 8PM and Thursdays at 4PM on Q2

“Listen to Chiara Quartet, NOW Ensemble and Matmos share a concert bill that spans the outer reaches of haunting string quartets, groovy electronic experimentalism and instrumental chamber pop intricacy, all recorded at (Le) Poisson Rouge this last May.

The NOW ensemble perform works from their recently released Awake, which made quite a splash in the new-music community as of late. Judd Greenstein’s Change, Patrick Burke’s Awake, Sean Friar’s Velvet Hammer, Mark Dancigers’ Burst–all included on the New Amsterdam-released record–are handled not only by a group of skilled musical interpreters reading off of sheet music, but by a four-letter B-A-N-D; from listening to this performance, you can tell that the members of NOW Ensemble deeply know each other as people too, not just as musicians..


Chiara Quartet’s performance of Jefferson Friedman’s String Quartet No. 3–recently released on the New Amsterdam-released Quartets album–came from a long-standing intimate relationship with the composer. Relentless and dark, this is no-putzing-around, high-impact string music. It will make you forget all about your own mundane problems, only to ponder the bigger ones with which contemporary life is fraught.


Matmos, whose remixes of Friedman’s string quartets appear on the aforementioned Quartets, is joined by Chiara Quartet to perform interpretations of some selections from Matmos’ Supreme Balloon. In the performance, Matmos, known for their extremely practical and groovy use of bizarre sampling (i.e. hair, liposuction surgery, etc), boil popular electronic music down to its primordial sludge, using only synthesizers and still only sound like themselves.

Cued Up is hosted by Olivia Giovetti

Olivia Giovetti

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