From The Record at NPR/music: “Following Claire Chase: A Week In The Life Of A Working Musician”

I recently “attended” three hour long concerts by ICE, the International Contemporary Ensemble, led by Ms Claire Chase. I attended them on line, courtesy of Q2 the 24/7 New Music stream from New York Public Radio.

Ms Chase

Here are a couple of links to the videos still available at Q2

ICELab: Steve Lehman

ICELab with Mario Diaz de León

You can “attend” the concerts, and then go to the ICE web site and “buy a ticket” by making a contribution of financial support. I paid $10 for each.

So, today at The Record from NPR/music, we have the really wonderful Lara Pellegrinelli writing about Ms Chase: Following Claire Chase: A Week In The Life Of A Working Musician.

I often give a few lines from an article to entice the reader. But, Laura is such a good writer, I just cannot pick out any text without diminishing the rest of her article.

So see the complete article here.