From Nadia Sirota on Q2: “If You Can’t Stand the Heat”

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Nadia says,

‘I don’t enjoy heat. To know me is to put up with incessant avoidance of sun (it is not about the sunny side of the street over here), constant opening of windows & suspicious obsession with northern countries, ergo, the summer and I have a complicated relationship. Because, summer! Summer is a great time when people are doing amazing things like packing chicken salad into tupperware and getting down with pink wine and making crazy boozy popsicles (I totally just spelled that word Boosey, I feel like I should get a prize, maybe the complete catalogue of Arnold Bax?). Summer is also fireflies and fireworks and minor league baseball and grilling. Music festivals! Sailing! Summer is a lot of great things, but summer is also really hot and that part is not ideal.

But: Air Conditioning! In New York, this season is all about extremes of temperature, and that’s what we’re exploring this week: music that has something to do with the steamy, lethargic, A/C-shivery weirdness that is the physical state of the body in summer. We’ll hear music that’s constantly toggling between serious heat (the subway platform) and air-conditioned briskness (the subway-self). This is totally great if you think about it like a schvitz and a cold plunge, or something.

I’m particularly excited to bring you Einojuhani Rautavaara’s opera The House of the Sun, which plays out like an episode of Hoarders: Finland, and details two Russian sisters freezing to death in their Finnish home after locking themselves in out of a sense of shame that they could no longer afford domestic help. Opera! And that’s just Tuesday. There’s a ton more where that came from!

Hopefully, between Q2 and those popsicles, we’ll all be able to beat the heat.

Nadia Sirota