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Highlights from Meet the Composer’s Three-City Dash
Sunday, July 24, 2011

“Meet the Composer (MTC), an advocacy organization for contemporary music, recently held a festival of three concerts in New York City. Aptly named Three-City Dash, it showcases some of the boldest compositional voices hailing from the San Fransisco, Chicago and Boston areas. Q2 is thrilled to share performances representing Beantown and Golden Gate City (sorry Windy City!). Hear Ethel, Metropolis Ensemble, Alarm Will Sound and Music from China perform the music of Pamela Z, Zhou Jing, and Kati Agócs, and premieres by both Ken Ueno and Dohee Lee.

In an age of financial bleakness for classical music, and especially for contemporary music in specific, MTC has fought tooth and nail to efficiently dole out grants to a sprawling array of hard-working composers. By helping to fund projects and support intimate composer-audience interactions, MTC has empowered a rapidly growing guerrilla army of contemporary art-music folk, from the most marginalized experimentalists to internationally championed music-makers.

This Sunday at 2p.m. hear Z’s Ethel Dreams of Temporal Disturbances, Agócs’s Awakening Galatea, Zhou’s Stuck in the Middle, Ueno’s (X)igagai and Lee’s HonBiBaekSan.

See the full article here. The page includes a video.

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