From WBGO, Jazz 88, Newark: “Billy Lives”

Dr. Billy Taylor

“Dr. Billy Taylor lives on in our hearts and minds at WBGO. The pianist, educator and broadcaster played a unique role in the life of the station from our first broadcast in 1979 until his death late last year. As the originator of jazz broadcasting at NPR, he was our tireless advocate and mentored many of us over the years.

‘ His knowledge and gentle presentation set the tone in how jazz performance was presented,’ said Thurston Briscoe, WBGO’s vice president of programming. “He was one of the most supportive people I ever met.”

WBGO honors Dr. Taylor on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday this Sunday with our exclusive webcast of Billy Taylor: A Life in Jazz, a new documentary by award-winning filmmaker Bret Primack.

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