From The New Canon at Q2: “The ICE Storm”

Cooling down with some of Mostly Mozart’s hottest musicians
Monday, August 01, 2011

“This week on The New Canon, we chat with the ICEicles of the International Contemporary Ensemble, Claire Chase and Josh Rubin.

Claire Chase

Josh Rubin

Mozart and Stravinsky were both pretty badass. Forgetting even the latter for a minute (and the riotous Rite of Spring), the former revolutionized music in so many ways—from developing the piano to unabashedly writing a hugely class-conscious opera at a time when the waves of French Revolution were already approaching shore. In tandem with Haydn, Mozart created the classical music language.

That’s why we’re so excited to see the International Contemporary Ensemble continue to play a major part in Lincoln Center’s annual Mostly Mozart Festival. This year they play three concerts, including one all-Stravinsky program and another program that pairs Mozart with contemporary composers. They emphasize size and scope, old and new, grand and delicate and in doing so ask audiences with each piece they play: What makes it revolutionary?

We ask that question of Claire Chase (ICE’s fearless flutist) and Josh Rubin (its cutting edge clarinetist) while hearing some of ICE’s latest works in tandem with pieces by Stravinsky and based on Mozart. While we only have Claire and Josh for half an hour—they’re joining us from rehearsal!—we’ll hear a full hour of music with additional music by Matthias Pintscher and Michael Finnissy, both of whom are featured in ICE’s Mostly Mozart programs.

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