From Nadia Sirota on Q2: “Much Ado about Igor “

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Nadia tells us:

“This week! This week simply rules. Are you ready for serious childhood dorkery? Here goes; I am not ashamed. When I was in ninth or tenth grade, I cut the names of three composers out of construction paper (construction paper!!) and stuck them up on the window-free walls of my room. The east was Hindemith (aw, gimme a break: I was a teen viola queen and a massive fan of Trauermusik), the north was Britten (I’d played part of the C-major quartet at camp and died), and the west was Stravinsky. Stravinsky is so good at music. My high school chorus had sung the Symphony of Psalms and I completely lost my mind. How good is that piece? Afjdkslfjdslkf!!

Well, dorky child-me was hardly the only person to flip out upon hearing Stravinsky’s music; I’ve seen people walk down the isle to Firebird and dance on lawns to Petrushka, so this week we’re taking a cue from Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival and becoming hopelessly devoted to Stravinsky and his influence. A lot has happened in music over the past 100 years, and much of it has had something to do with Igor.


This week’s got polytonality, octatonic scales, ecstatic neo-classical phrases and pounding polyrhythms. This week! This week simply rules.

Nadia Sirota


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