From Cued Up On Q2: “Look and Listen: Part II

Nadia Sirota hosts the second performance from the exciting Look and Listen Festival
Sunday, August 14, 2011
Nadia Sirota

“As the ripping survey in new music, a.k.a. the Look & Listen Festival, is unleashed by Cued Up through the month of August, please behold the second of its four concerts that took place this past May at the Chelsea Art Museum. Brooklyn Rider, So Percussion, Bridget Kibbey, and Split Second offer an untouchable, quiet storm of music by John Cage, Colin Jacobsen, Jason Treuting, Elliott Carter, Murray Schafer, Carlos Sanchez Gutierrez and John Musto. Artist talks are led by WNYC’s John Schaefer.



If you missed the first installment of L&L, you can stream it on demand, here, but you should definitely make yourself available this Sunday at 2 pm for the second concert, as it will be an opportunity to hear Split Second perform a world premiere by Gutierrez, and some jaw-dropping performances by harp-sorceress Kibbey plucking away at Carter’s Bariolage, and Schafer’s Crown of Ariadne.

These two in particular, along with Cage’s In a Landscape, performed by string quartet Brooklyn Ryder, are what shape this specific concert into new concert music at its best: Forward-thinking compositional/performance techniques and raw talent as contemporary alchemy, not academy.

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