This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 954 SUNSTRUCK

About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us:
“Consider the sun, ladies and gentlemen…our native star: source of the energy that fuels our world.

The sun is great. The sun is good. We love the sun — within reason. Whether for our skin or the whole planet, too much of it…is a problem.

In summer, we renew our relationship with the sun. Our focus moves outdoors and into the natural world. It’s the season of people on the move — a time for travel, exploration, vacation, re-creation.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space…we celebrate the sun in all its glory, on a program called SUNSTRUCK. Music is by ATOMIC SKUNK, CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS, DAVID ARKENSTONE, MARCONI UNION, JAZZCOMPUTER.ORG, CYBERNIUM, and ISHQ.”

Stephen Hill

From The program:

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