The New Canon From Q2: “From Bach to Bali”

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Rendering time and space with Vivian Fung and Ray Lustig
Monday, September 12, 2011

“This week on The New Canon, we explore how music forms time and space with composers Ray Lustig and Vivian Fung.

Vivian Fung and Ray Lustig (Metropolis Ensemble)

I love the gamelan (Lou Harrison is my homeboy), and I love Baroque music (Bach is also my homeboy…it’s a pretty awesome list). So when I heard that the Metropolis Ensemble was opening its season with works that feature a re-purposing of a Bach cantata courtesy of Ray Lustig and a violin concerto inspired by the gamelan and landscape of Bali by Vivian Fung, I was all. Over. That. Skit.

But it got me thinking about an element of music that is both mesmerizing and mysterious to me: How do you take sound and shape it into time and space? How is Ray going to evoke Bach? And how will Vivian transport us to Southeast Asia? What exactly goes on in a composer’s head during that type of process?

We’ll grill them on Monday to find out, while also hearing some of their works—and a Grammy-nominated recording by Metropolis themselves—in the process. Join in on the fun and let me know what you’ve always wanted to ask a composer about their process below.”

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Olivia Giovetti