From Cued Up at Q2: “MATA Festival, Part II”

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Composer-Performers Inhabit the Stage on the Second Evening of the 2011 MATA Festival
Sunday, September 25, 2011 at Q2


“At the second of three concerts presented during the 2011 MATA Festival, new-music lovers at (Le) Poisson Rouge were introduced to four young composers who joined the musicians on stage to take part in performing their own music.

Corey Dargel joined Dither Electric Guitar Quartet to vocalize for the premiere of his new song cycle, Say Yes. Angelica Negron and Cantori NY — a 40-member chorus — presented Negron’s MATA commissioned-work, FONO. Chris Danforth and the Danforths performed a unique set featuring electronics, homemade percussion, 1980’s voice mail recordings, found objects and newly created instruments. And to round out the evening, composer and up-right bass player, Florent Ghys (who flew in from France for the show) performed new works for double bass and live electronics.

All four composers employed laptops and various electronics to some extent, to expand their sound palette and to explore the infinite possibilities that the acoustic/digital hybrid brings us. If you missed the opening night concert of the 2011 MATA festival, be sure to check out the internationally diverse and equally mesmerizing evening here.”

Cued Up is hosted by Gity Razaz

Gity Razaz