From Nadia Sirota at Q2: “SONiC Portrait: Marcos Balter”


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Sidestepping Folk Elements and Tailoring Writing to the Unique Talents of Friends

This interview airs at the top of Tuesday’s show (October 11, 2011). Olivia Giovetti fills in for Nadia from 1-4.
Wednesday, October 19, 2011


“Featuring over 100 composers under the ago of 40, the American Composers Orchestra’s SONiC (Sounds of a New Century) Festival is energizing New York with a stellar kickoff to the season – eight days of amazing new work performed by 16 extraordinary ensembles. Yay!

Here at Q2 we’ve got all kinds of exclusive SONiC-related goodies for you, from concert coverage to ensemble portraits, and, of course, you can always rely on Q2 to provide a direct line from composer to listener — five composers whose work is being featured on the festival stopped by the Q2 studios to talk chat about their lives, their work, and the classical landscape.

Known for conjuring an unique sound world which the Boston Globe has described as “a virtuosic equilibrium of colliding particles [with] both intricate clarity and convincing trajectory,” Marcos Balter’s music somehow manages to be at once understated and supremely energetic. Marcos loves working with close collaborators, whose personalities unfailingly become imprinted on the scores. A native of Rio de Janero Brazil, Marcos hates being pigeon-holed as a Brazilian composer, recently tweeting ‘I’ll only use ‘Brazilian elements’ in my music when all of my American friends feel they should compose works with cowboy themes #titfortat.’”

See the full article here. *The dating is a wee touch confusing, so check into the stream both days. You will always be happy with what you hear at Q2.

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