New Mosaic Records Release Jazz Icons Series 5…

New Mosaic Records Release
Jazz Icons Series 5

Six Stunning Historically Significant Performances
Jazz Icons 6 DVD Box Set – $99.98

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Michael Cuscuna Tells us:

“In the 28 years since Mosaic’s first release, life has been interesting, to say the least, and had its share of surprises. But this year, we were presented with one that I never saw coming. David Peck and Tom Gulotta from Reelin’ In The Years, who introduced their amazing Jazz Icons DVD line in 2003, called us up and asked us to collaborate with them on their fifth release in the series.
When Tom told me that they were thinking about the 1965 Antibes concerts by the John Coltrane Quartet that included the only public performances of “Ascension” and “A Love Supreme” and a little known 1969 color program of Thelonious Monk alone and free-associating in a Paris TV studio, I said sign us up!

The Thelonious Monk performance is astounding. Just Monk, a grand piano and two cameras – no audience, no sidemen, no emcee, no clock-watching stage manager, no set list, no distractions. The result was an astonishingly intimate and revealing portrait of a man and his music. Monk sits at the piano and plays whatever occurs to him.

Art Blakey was a wonder to behold live. He shaped and colored each tune from the drum stool and when he hit fifth gear in the final chorus of each solo, it was as organically exciting as music can be. I saw dozens of incarnations of the Messengers over the decades. And Art’s power, dynamics and thunderous swing were as exciting in 1989 as they were in 1963.

When I was about 14 years old, I wrote Roland Kirk a fan latter. After a return letter from Roland’s wife, I began going down to see him at the Five Spot on St. Marks Place and spend afternoons in his Central Park West apartment. As much as I treasured those afternoon tutorials with his impressive record collection, it was the nights at The Five Spot that are burned into my mind. Every set he played was an adventure for him as well as the audience.

And then there are masters Freddie Hubbard and Johnny Griffin at the top of their game…..I could go on.”

Michael Cuscuna

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