This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 960 DECOMPRESSION

About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us:
“After the brilliant light and intensive energy of summer, the natural world cools and contracts. In the dimming days of autumn, we begin our descent into the dark months, and the music of the season becomes more somber. As the leaves wither and fall, we pass through a period marked by the letter “d”: deflation…decomposition…decay. In music, it’s the sound of desaturated timbres, darkening harmonies and descending progressions.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, we reflect the sound of the season on a program called DECOMPRESSION. Music is by PATRICK O’HEARN, MICHAEL DE SALEM, DAVID HELPLING & JON JENKINS, DAVID ARKENSTONE, GILES REAVES, and MOBY.

Stephen Hill

From The program:

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