From The New Canon at Q2: “Road to Joy with Jeremy Denk”


Finding Ludwig van Beethoven in the 21st Century
Friday, November 04, 2011

“This week on The New Canon, we celebrate Beethoven Awareness Month with multi-talented pianist Jeremy Denk. A ferocious and forward-thinking composer, Beethoven was writing new music when it was still new, and with Denk we delve into the revolutionary nature of his works while also asking—who are the modern-day Beethovens? And is such a comparison still relevant?

Jeremy Denk

Just as Beethoven caused a stir as a composer, Denk has galvanized listeners as a performer—including a program that paired Ludwig’s fiendishly difficult Hammerklavier Sonata with Charles Ives’s equally virtuosic Concord Sonata. Such pairings are the stuff vibrant music is made of (earlier this year Denk did the same with Ligeti’s Études Books I and II and Bach’s Goldberg Variations). We’ll hear some performances of Denk’s on all sides of the spectrum while we place Beethoven in a Q2 Music context.

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Olivia Giovetti

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