“American Mavericks” is still up and can teach you a lot about music

The American Mavericks web site is still up and functioning. If you want to learn about the history of American music and the history of music in general, the context within which the project is set, you can still take advantage of all of the audio interviews in The Listening Room. Caveat: you will need RealPlayer. There is a free version.

As much of the main list as I could squeeze. You probably can’t read any of the names, but, you get the idea, there are a lot of interviews of composers young and not so young

Audio Archives

Composers’ Voice Interviews – Very much like the above two lists – composers speaking about their work

If you have decent .mp3 recording software, you can record these interviews for your own listening. I am told that one can still listen to the radio programs if one has an early version of Real Player. I have only a current version, in which the programs would not play. I have suggested that the programs be re-formatted to .mp3.

At the Features page

You can still read all of Kyle Gann’s 13 essays, one for each of the 13 episodes of the series Just scroll down the page a bit. Unfortunately, Minnesota Public Radio has seen fit to take down the actual audio files for the 13 radio programs. Philistines!!

But, at this same Features page, you can read the text interviews which are a part of the project.

I know you cannot read the names, but believe you me, they are worth reading, along with Kyle Gann’s wonderfully informative essays.

I took all of Kyle Gann’s essays and all of the text interviews and copied them into one file. I made a book, complete with Table of Contents. It is great reading while waiting for someone at the mall, on airplanes or at the dentist. The book printed out at 514 pages double sided in MS Word, 8-1/2″ x 11″, with nice wide borders where I could make notes about which composers’ music I wanted to purchase.

This is a great and important series. What MPR has left up is really at the core of the project. Check it out.

Edit 11.29.11 After a conversation with someone at MPR, I wish to point out that all of the material at the American Mavericks site is copyright protected. You can take any of my suggestions as to how to save out this material for your own use. However any dissemination of the material to anyone else would be in violation of those copyrights.

From the About Page, MTT, the creative force behind the project, and Suzanne Vega, the narrator of the 13 programs.