From Innova Recordings at American Composers Forum – Two Great Archives of Composer/Musician Interviews

Always Midwestern modest

A bit less modest, must be the NYC influence of programming The Stone

Innova Recordings has at its web site, two great series of interviews of composer and musicians. One is Alive and Composing, the other is Measure For Measure. Both of these series were done as podcasts. Visit the sites from Innova’s home page. If you use Firefox, you can load them from their main links. They will become bookmarks on your Bookmarks Tool Bar. If you use IE, you will have a choice to load them in your chosen RSS feed reader. I cannot recommend my other browser, SeaMonkey, because I only use the browser in the SeaMonkey Suite. When I tried it out for this post, SeaMonkey wanted me to use its Mail and News Group utility which I do not use. I cannot speak about Chrome or Safari browsers.

But, what I can tell you is that Philip Blackburn is the consummate knowledgeable interviewer. He gets to the root of each individual’s musical passions.

I have recorded all of these interviews and put them on my Zune .mp3 player for airline trips, waiting in the mall for someone, and, of course, trips to the dentist.

Please visit the sites. Take a look at some of the names, listen to Philip do his thing. What was that old commerical “Try it, you’ll like it”.